The cheese factory

The building is made of solid wood covered with terracotta tiles, and blends into the farm landscape. The wood is harvested from our forests by lumberjacks on foot and sawn in a small local sawmill.
The cheese factory has two different circuits, one for the production of sheep crottins and the second for the production of blue cheese.
The draining and drying of Fourme d'Ambert is done, as in the past, on channels made of spruce wood, with manual turnings of a quarter turn twice a day. Wood plays a regulatory role; it dries or hydrates the crust, it is also an ideal support for the natural seeding of bacterial flora.
For harmonious development, the cheeses are matured on the farm. The cellars are vaulted in brick coated with lime, with a facing in Volvic stone, thus making it possible to follow their evolution in interactions with their natural, telluric, and cosmic environment, which are specific to them. Each cheese is matured in the same way regardless of its position in the cellar. An induction air flow ensures identical temperature and humidity throughout the cellar.
The farm has its own drinking water catchments authorized by Prefectural Decree. The natural purity of our water and Guérande salt contribute to the quality of our cheeses.