The farm


Our universe

The ancestral “Ferme des Verveines” is located in the heart of the Combrailles (Puy de Dôme, France). To the west one can see the plateaus of Limousin, to the east the volcanic cones which line up on either side of the Puy de Dôme, homeland of Vercingétorix.
The farm consists of 85 hectares of natural meadows, hedges and woods, with century-old trees. It consists of three farmhouses and outbuildings perfectly adapted to the diversity of landscapes and materials: granite stone, tiles and slates, meadows and bocage pastures.
Our mountain pasture is located in the vast pastoral landscapes on the bare massifs of Sancy, facing the sources of the Dordogne and near Lake Guéry, .


La Ferme des Verveines places biodiversity and ecological processes at the heart of agriculture where nature is respected, maintaining and regenerating its vital cycles.
The Farm practices late mowing to give nature time to develop complex and viable ecosystems for pollinating insects and birds, but also to diversify the flora by facilitating the establishment of fragile plants.
The farm works on a mixed cattle-sheep breeding system, accompanied by goats from the Massif Central and horses. This diversity makes it possible to increase the resilience of the breeding system to adapt to changes in its environment and improve the quality of cultivated areas.
The main foundation of La Ferme des Verveines is a healthy, quality production and the preservation of food traditions.
The farm does not pollute the soil, water or air, it is a carbon sink.